Download the apps for IPTV

Download the apps for IPTV
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Once the Smart TV has been connected to the Internet, open the store of the latter, in order to download and install an IPTV app. In my case, on an LG Smart TV, the virtual store is called  LG Content Store and is located on the home screen of the TV, accessible by pressing the symbol of a house on the remote control.

Once this is done, after pressing the store icon, press on the one that has the magnifying glass symbol (it is located in the top menu). Then type the term IPTV in the text field you see on the screen, in order to view the corresponding search results.

Among the IPTV apps that you can find on the store, there are some that allow you to access pre-configured IPTV channels, such as UNO IPTV, which offers the viewing of Vietnamese TV channels, or ILARIA IPTV  with Albanian TV channels. Other apps, on the other hand, such as SS IPTV, also allow you to perform a customized configuration, by inserting IPTV lists, such as those in m3u, xspf, ASX, and pls format.

While the first type of app does not require any configuration, for the second it is necessary to perform a manual procedure to add the TV channels to watch. In this regard, in the next paragraph, I will talk to you about how to configure the free SS IPTV app.

Setting up an IPTV app

As anticipated, among the IPTV apps that I recommend you download for free on your Smart TV there is SS IPTV, a multimedia player that, thanks to its user interface in Italian, offers an easy configuration procedure for entering the dedicated lists. watching IPTV channels

Having said that, once you reach the store of your TV ( LG Content Store in the case of LG TVs) and search for the IPTV apps (as indicated in the previous paragraph ), locate the SS IPTV app, download and install it, by pressing the button Installation. Now, wait for the end of this automatic procedure, then press on Start, to start the app and configure it, following the instructions I am about to give you.

Once the application has started, click on the Accept button to agree to the terms and conditions of use on the User License Agreement screen. In the initial section of the app, then press the button with the symbol of gear in the upper right, to access the settings menu.

Now, click on the Content item located in the left side menu and, in the next screen, press the (+) Add button to display the text field in which to enter the IPTV list, which must be in one of the supported formats, such as m3u.

Finally, press the Save button located at the top to save the imported list and return to the home screen ( Main screen ) by pressing the Back button on the remote control. Now you just have to press on the icon of the multimedia playlist you just created, to start playing the TV channels in the list inserted in the app.

If, on the other hand, you do not want to enter a list of IPTV channels, you can see those already present and pre-configured within the app, by pressing the Open TV item in the Main screen section . It’s all very simple, right?

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