Best IPTV Lists 2020

Best IPTV Lists 2020
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IPTV lists are files with a .m3u extension that contains IP addresses of the channel broadcasts. These lists usually contain channels of a specific theme or of a region or country. A little further down, you will find the BEST IPTV lists 2020.

Best IPTV Lists 2020 (If your TV doesn’t have IPTV,  LOOK BELOW! ) 


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Latin and WORLD IPTV Lists

* I am not the creator, nor do I sell or modify any of the IPTV lists mentioned. I only compile these lists from other websites, which I quote below. All this information can easily be found on Google, just as I have done.

Source:,,, and

If your TV does not have IPTV,  YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THIS!

If you have a Smart TV that does not have an IPTV application or you have a TV that is not Smart, you have an alternative to being able to watch IPTV content (and much more) on it: the Android TV Box.

Android TV Boxes are devices that connect to any television via HDMI port and in which you can install apps to watch movies and series, the best sport live or on delay, PREMIUM channels, television on-demand, … They are the complement perfect to turn your TV into a PERFECT ENTERTAINMENT center!

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To keep in mind about the lists

IPTV lists contain IP addresses of the broadcasts of the channels they contain. These IP addresses change continuously, so any IPTV list is considered “volatile” and some or all of the channels they contain may stop working after a certain time.

I have to clarify that I am not dedicated to generating or creating these lists, I simply look for them and compile them in this blog, facilitating the task of having to search many different sites, citing the original source from which this list comes.

In no case do I sell or trade with these lists, I repeat that I simply compile the lists that appear in the Google search engine by searching for “IPTV lists”.

How to install the IPTV Lists?

To “install” these lists, you don’t have to do anything more than copy the location of the .m3u file (the URL) and put it in your IPTV application on your Smart TV. The most used applications are SS-IPTV, Smart IPTV and OttPlayer. If you still have doubts, I leave a couple of tutorials very well explained, step by step. As you will see, it is VERY EASY.


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