Best free IPTV Italy lists updated in August 2020

Best free IPTV Italy lists updated in August 2020
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There are many who are looking for free IPTV lists on the Web, we have already talked in a previous post about how IPTV works and why they are successful.

IPTV lists are in short a list of links to streams that allow you to see streaming channels. They are famous because several pirates and fences have started selling lists containing the Sky and Mediaset Premium Pay channels online for about € 10 a month. As we explained in the dedicated in-depth study, those who sell them and those who use them both commit a serious crime . Those are called private lists , because they are available for a small number of people under payment, in this study instead we talk about the public lists that are free on the net .

Free IPTV lists with free Italian channels

Those that only have free- to-air channels are the most stable public IPTV lists, because they often contain streams coming directly from the official sites of the different networks. In reality it is not exactly clear from the regulatory point of view whether they are illegal or not, in fact they allow you to take advantage of a service already available on the net for free in another form. In any case, no one has so far been prosecuted for using a free IPTV list containing free-to-air channels .

The lists you find below contain Italian channels  and are the most widespread, recommended and stable:

  • The infogw list ,  address
  • The list of the QDR Forum , address
  • The PandaSat forum list also works abroad, address
  • The fuchim list ,  address

All four lists are self-updating, so if a channel doesn’t work just wait for the update to arrive. The four lists can work with any IPTV client but are usually tested with Kodi which is the solution we recommend.

Are free IPTV lists dangerous?

The answer in general should be no , but we have to distinguish the cases. In principle, those that only broadcast free-to-air channels do not infringe on anyone’s rights, and are just another common means of watching TV.

The situation is different for the free IPTV lists that are found on the net but which contain Pay channels, these damage the rights of large companies . So they are to be considered almost as dangerous as private IPTV lists (those called pezzotto in some parts of Italy). Using those is a serious crime and very dangerous.

With the intent to reduce the risks, the pirates recommend using no Logs VPN services to avoid revealing your identity . We have explored the matter in the article dedicated to the best VPNs for IPTV . Unlike what some very unethical retailers say, no IPTV list can have a built-in VPN, if you want to know more you can read here.

The best sites where you can find free IPTV lists

These sites provide different lists than those described in the previous paragraph. Their lists are in the form of files in m3u format , sometimes they also contain Pay channels from different countries, including Italy, they are therefore more risky and we strongly advise against using them. Furthermore, these lists are much more unstable than others, and there is a high probability that they will collapse during events due to too much traffic.

The most used sites to download IPTV lists are:

One of the most used sites to find free lists also containing Italian channels, new lists are published practically daily. Also because their channels on these lists stay online for little on average. You can find the site via a simple Google search with its name.

A very famous site that offers many lists divided by country and updated regularly. Even the channels of these lists resist on average little online. The site is easily accessible with a Google search.

Another popular portal very similar to the first two, it also offers free IPTV lists of various countries updated regularly. To reach the portal just do a Google search with his name.

If these sites are found to be unreachable, it is possible that they have been removed from your provider’s DNS servers. To avoid this type of territorial blocking just change the DNS , you can consult our guide on this. To overcome all territorial blocks, the most effective solution is VPNs.

Updated free IPTV lists are available through valid Android apps and equally valid addons for Kodi , we will talk about them in the next paragraphs.

Android apps that offer free IPTV lists

No app that offers IPTV lists lasts long on the Play Store before being removed. For this reason, the solutions I talk about in this paragraph are all available online in the form of apk files. These apps are free and maintained by volunteers who are always finding and uploading new lists.

The best apps in the category are:

  • WatchApp , is a well-known app full of many popular IPTV playlists updated very often, containing both free-to-air and Pay channels.
  • Evil King ß , is another handy and quick app that offers many frequently updated IPTV lists. Evil King in the Android version is the daughter of the homonymous and excellent addon for Kodi.
  • Ghost Live Stream , like the first two is another popular app that offers updated lists. This is the Android version of the excellent Kodi Ghostshader addon.

The apps we talked about are simply available on the net via a Google search.

Kodi addons that offer free IPTV lists

Similarly to the Android apps we mentioned there are many unofficial addons maintained by volunteers on Kodi, the popular media center. These addons offer always updated and easy to use IPTV lists.

The best Kodi addons that offer IPTV are:

  • KLTV , is an excellent addon containing free-to-air HD channels from Italy and many other countries (including Switzerland, for those wishing to see RSI channels). It does not offer Pay channels from any country.
  • Evil King , like its Android version, offers many valid streaming channel lists that are always updated.
  • Stefano Addon , Stefano is one of the historical coders of Evil King, he has created an excellent addon of his own containing many updated lists.

These addons are unofficial , and are easily found via a web search. None of these addons are paid, we invite you to be wary of those who try to sell them. Kodi is multi-platform and its addons are too, so they can be used on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS.

Why are many channels on the IPTV lists offline or snapping?

There are several reasons, the main one is of a technological nature, IPTV is not made for contemporary viewing by many users . Free IPTV lists are often used by too many people and collapse, thus going offline.

The situation is a bit different only for self-updating lists that contain free-to-air channels, these use streams from broadcasters’ sites and therefore rarely collapse or snap. Sometimes some channels are temporarily unavailable, but a later update usually resolves the situation.

For this reason, pirates often prefer risky private IPTV lists, which for a fee guarantee a block-free service. But using them is a serious crime, you risk a penalty and prison, aware of the situation, the pirates recommend the use of a VPN service .

If you experience blockages on all IPTV lists, you should check the speed of your connection, if it is lower than 7 Mb / s it is likely that you will have problems seeing the streams in HD . If it is higher, the problem could be the filters against streaming by some operators; in this case, using a  good VPN could solve the problem, especially if you choose one dedicated to streaming: VPN for IPTV streaming.

Player for IPTV

By now the vast majority of video players available offer the functionality to be able to view the videos offered on IPTV .

A very complete free program to watch IPTV channels very quickly is 5kplayer , available for both Windows and Mac. After downloading and installing the program, once started, just access the ” Live ” section :

Then paste the IPTV URL we are interested in in the appropriate field and click on ” Play ” to view the streaming content offered by the IPTV:

This player is really well made, light and complete, without annoying plugins or advertisements, while the interface is simple, intuitive and comfortable to use, therefore excellent for our use.

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